What we do

We can make a broad assessment of the risks across your whole organisation or we can look at a particular area or risk that is troubling you.  We bring a structured, systematic, fact based approach to looking at your risks.  We can troubleshoot those areas that might cause concern to auditors e.g. security, access, change management, governance, audit trails, integrity of data etc.

We will assess those actions you already have in place and give a view on how effective they will be around mitigating or addressing the risk in terms of timing, quality and cost.

How we do it

We have a unique risk assessment tool/questionnaire that gives a visual picture of your risk.  Our methodology ensures a balanced evaluation and presents the results with a clarity that assists engagement and comprehension in organisations.  Risk is presented in a way that makes it interesting and an intrinsic part of your business.

We have experience of managing major risks on the front line in high risk environments, including highly regulated environments, where the needs of risk stakeholders must be met but in a practical way.

Our approach will:

  •  improve the skills in your organisation so that risk is considered naturally as part of the way you do business
  •  work through a 1:1 basis with people in your organisations or through workshops at all levels, including Board level, where appropriate
  •  be repeatable so it is easy to demonstrate progress towards improved risk management
  •  demonstrate that the right risks are controlled with proportionate actions.

What you get

A risk assessment against which you can measure changes to your baseline and thus demonstrate improved risk management. All leading to:

  •  clarity around what your risks are
  •  output that assists you in presenting risk across your organisation in an engaging way
  •  a risk management plan that has proportionality at its core and an approach that allows you to control and monitor risk mitigation actions
  •  an organisation more naturally focused upon risk where risk management is seen as part of the job, not a necessary evil
  •  the right resources focused upon key risk mitigation actions
  •  early warning of risks that if they occur could damage your business.