What we do

We will look at your costs from different angles and present them with different perspectives.  Our aim is to optimize costs that are essential to delivery of the business strategy and to remove waste. Cost management is only positive when the right costs are reduced in the right way to meet the business need now and to sustain the business in the future.  Cost management is a means of achieving your strategy and making sure the activity in your organisation is aligned to that game plan.

How we do it

We perform a fact-based analysis of your costs, linking the costs to the core operational processes and to your game plan.  In doing this we:

  •  show your costs using simple but innovative ways of presenting them
  •  generate ideas and a recommendation around your cost management
  •  reach agreement on target costs
  •  produce a detailed action plan that will implement the cost changes
  •  align resources to this plan
  •  use our proven track record of cost management to produce the best possible results.

We have been involved in major cost reductions across a variety of industries and these have included major organisational restructures, shifting of services and service measures, changing service provision - off-shoring and outsourcing - as well as using multi channel approaches (internet, call centres, electronic processing etc).

We are passionate about doing the right thing for the organisations we work in and adding value so we ensure what we recommend is sustainable.

What you get

A different perspective on your costs with recommendations for how you might handle them differently.  Recommendations that are appropriate for your organisation. All leading to:

  •  plans to drive real action that reduces bottom line costs
  •  assistance, if you need it, on delivering cost reductions
  •  a more flexible and adaptable cost base.