What we do

We will perform an independent review on any issue or area you choose. The review can be as long and detailed or as short as you require. We guarantee you an honest fact-based assessment that will be clearly presented in a way suitable for the sponsor or desired audience. We pride ourselves for our direct, no nonsense approach to business issues. If something is causing you concern in your business, if there is something you would alter if you could, we are happy to look at it. Example areas we have looked at include:

  •  non-performing functional areas
  •  new product launches
  •  commercial arrangements
  •  supplier management
  •  troubled projects and programmes
  •  how to obtain the right business information to make decisions
  •  difficult team dynamics
  •  communication strategies
  •  potential mergers and acquisitions
  •  due diligence etc.

How we do it

We always take the approach of listening and fact discovery prior to problem definition and then creative thinking around possible solutions before drawing recommendations. The way we do this is shaped with you e.g. 1:1 interviews, workshops, ‘hot house’ sessions, sponsor reporting etc.  Similarly we are entirely adaptable to your needs in the style we take:  agent provocateur, high diplomacy and tact, devil’s advocate etc.

Our approach is always one of integrity and professionalism. Our interest in how organisations tick and our experience means that we are delighted to be challenged to look at really tough problems!

What you get

On any area or issue you choose, you would have:

  •  clarity on an issue/area
  •  facts and balanced recommendations
  •  ability to take action
  •  assurance of an independent view.