What we do

We will help ensure that your strategy takes your business where you want it to go and that the energy and resources within your organisation are focused upon delivering that strategy. A strategy only really becomes effective if an organisation can deliver it. The type of questions we help look at include:

  • What is the strategy? Does it need review? What are some of the other opportunities for your company?
  • How is the strategy communicated and understood?
  • How well aligned are the actions in the company to deliver that strategy?
  • Do you have the right resources and skills to deliver the strategy?
  • What are the risks and how are these being managed? What is the competition doing?

We will work with you to ensure you have not only the right strategy in place but the right capability in place to deliver that strategy.

How we do it

We agree our approach with you, the sponsor, but our approach could include: discovery workshops, identification and discussion with stakeholders, analysis of plans and business performance, review of where the capability sits within the organisation and assessment of where effort is being deployed.

We can operate at any level you choose within your organisation and we have experience of both full time roles and consultancy roles across a range of industries. We have operated at all levels in many companies from the main board of FTSE top ten companies to individual project teams.

We have a proven approach to communicating strategy to colleagues and stakeholders - making it real for all concerned. Our engagement model motivates all your people to get behind the corporate game plan so that their efforts are contributing to the achievement of your strategy. Through this you can drive real culture change and unleash the potential in your organisation.

As well as reshaping strategic direction, we have frequently helped leaders prepare conference speeches and board presentations, held effective strategy away days, coached individuals or changed their team dynamics.

What you get

A clear understanding of what is working and what is not around your strategy and a view of how you can improve your game plan with some techniques to do this. A better alignment of the actions and resources in the organisation towards achieving the strategy. All leading to:

  •  a common shared vision
  •  consistent messages
  •  more value from what you already have
  •  improvement of performance on the bottom line
  •  greater focus upon your customers, your products and services and on your competitive edge.