Familiar Challenges

Running an organisation effectively means constantly addressing challenges and never being complacent. Some of the challenges below will be all too familiar:

How Actinista Can Help

Our approach checks the health of those areas an organisation has concerns about, or that requires additional focus. This output then informs action planning to really make a difference for the organisation by quickly and objectively identifying key problem areas, then putting in place properly sized and clearly defined action plans. In summary, a timely and relatively small investment that delivers big gains.

Stage 1 is achieved through a structured interview process that makes use of our unique Health Check Tools. The results are provided to the organisation in the form of an executive level, fact based presentation.

Stage 2 brings to bear our experience and expertise in establishing a clear, detailed definition of the issues, opportunities and actionable plans.

You remain in control at all times, you determine the areas to be health checked, and you determine whether to use us for both stages or just for stage 1.

Actinista Health Checks

There is a Health Check for almost every aspect of an organisation’s activities. Examples include:


• Strategic Direction

• Customer Understanding

• Service Focus

• Spend Effectiveness

• Supplier Effectiveness

• Change Portfolio

• Programme / Project

• Planning & Resourcing

• Risk Management


Actinista's Health Check Tools

Actinista’s unique and insightful Health Check tools help you get a true and rounded picture of the issues facing your organisation. They embody years of practical experience across many sectors and types of organisation, so that the most pertinent questions are asked for any given area. Combine this with a unique approach to the visualization of results, and you can very quickly spot those areas of your organisation that need attention.

Questionnaire Heat Map

The tools encompass a structured questionnaire that is used as part of our interview process. Interviewees provide their answers against a simple multiple choice scale. Each questionnaire contains sixty-four questions, grouped into four key quadrants with four sections in each. The results are shown on a comprehensive heat map as illustrated on the left.

Consolidated Results

Actinista’s Health Checks can involve many individuals - not every individual will have the same view on a given topic. To allow analysis of these different views, the Health Check Tool allows the consolidation of up to ten questionnaires, as illustrated on the right. This shows where individual views correlate or diverge strongly.

Actnista's Approach - "The Four D's"



You get real clarity and direction from a small investment

in time and money.