At A Glance


Corporate Strategy - working with you to improve your business

We can help you shape the right direction for your business. This might be a complete change in your business strategy or it might simply be a tweak or a change to how you communicate that strategy.  We help align the resources of your organisation behind delivery of the strategy.

Change Management - making the right changes in the right way

We work with you to build the right change components that will deliver your strategy.  We use our experience to ensure that the changes being implemented are set up for success and deliver the business benefit you are looking for.  We also assist you in up-skilling your organisation’s change capability.

Cost Management - optimizing your cost base

We help you look at the costs of your business through different lenses: direct and indirect cost; cost of ownership; opportunity cost; cost benefit ratios etc. This helps focus on those costs that are essential to your business success. Cost reduction is about reducing the right costs in the right sustainable way. Anything else can be false economy.

Risk Management - bringing your risks into focus

We help get a better picture of the risks a business is facing. We do this through the use of our own risk management methodology. With this clarity and perspective, effective actions can be put into place and monitored to reduce risk as appropriate.

Independent Review - getting to the root of the issue

We will give you an unbiased, professional, fact based assessment of any issue. We are respected for our incisiveness and pertinent recommendations. Reviews will be tailored in depth and length to suit your needs. We have developed a range of health check tools that help organisations rapidly and objectively identify problem areas and take action.

Interim Management - placing the right people in the right roles

Often in a business you want to get on with change without having the right change people in place permanently.  In these situations, we can partner with you to provide the right interim people for roles such as project managers, programme managers and directors or even departmental and board level management roles.  Our focus is always about adding value to your organisation and anyone we place in a interim role has structured support so that the wealth of Actinista experience is available to assist the client.