What we do

We ensure that the change elements being worked upon are the right change components to achieve your game plan. We work with you to ensure that the changes are set up to succeed and deliver the business benefits you are planning for. We ensure the change is well governed and controlled. We can assess your change skills to ensure you have the right people in the right roles and, where appropriate, we can up-skill your people or help you find the right skills. We are adept at dealing with change across multiple locations and cultures.

How we do it

We have our own unique Change Health Assessment Questionnaire to quickly assess where you are. We perform portfolio assessments to look at how well the change portfolio is shaped towards achievement of the strategy. We review the quality of your change management, including sponsorship and make improvement recommendations. We can also assist with organisational design to help shape the future organisation.

We agree with you how we use the following techniques: workshops, stakeholder interviews, 1:1 briefings, resource and skills assessment.

We have a unique approach to commitment based change to ensure actions are aligned and add up to change success. We can teach this to your organisation and embed this in how you work.

We bring to bear our first hand experience of major business change in a range of industries and variety of change situations.  We have done this before and know what ‘good’ looks and feels like.

What you get

You get clarity on how well your change initiatives will deliver your strategy and on the health of those key changes. The opportunity for regular reviews ensures the change you seek is delivered in the best possible way. All leading to:

  •  change programmes set up for success
  •  quality assurance
  •  people who are skilled at change and therefore a capacity within your organisation to make more positive change
  •  achievement of results faster - a more agile business and therefore potential competitive edge
  •  more innovation and quality
  •  greater contribution from your people and enhanced colleague satisfaction and commitment
  •  more energy
  •  success breeding success.